1. Kick-off and advice

    We define the plan and identify everything we are going to need

    Our project manager (our 6conecta Master) organizes an initial work session in which the most important aspects are reviewed.
    We will guide you what data are needed to feed the application (templates) and we will analyze the every detail.

  2. Sesión de trabajo

    Set up

    We leave the application ready with your data and structure

    We parameterize according to the defined structure and perform the initial data loads (centers, employees, positions ...).

    Do not worry

    Does the project require any integration or customization?

    Yes No

  3. Integration or customization

    We make the customizations and integrations with your corporate systems

    In this stage, the IT teams are more involved. Don't worry, there is a happy end.

  4. ...


    Any change requires a communication and training plan to guarantee success

    Believe it or not, in the previous stages you have already learned how 6conecta works. We only have to consolidate it and extend it to the rest of the organization.

    Does the project include Contractors Management?

    Yes No

  5. Contractors Management Deployment

    This is process contractors are registered and recognized

    The contractors must register their own employees, vehicles ... and upload the documentation. You can review the documentation yourself or contract us this service.

    Thinking about outsourcing this process

  6. Access Control

    The key that come full circle ensuring the success of the project

    Whether you have own workplaces or external ones use our features to control entry only authorized employees and vehicles

  7. Ready!

    6conecta is ready to work

    Start the trip and enjoy the digital transformation.


Support, feedback, workshops…

To be continued...


As a customer, you will always have access to the latest versions and preferential support.

To improve we must listen, so we have our ears open to suggestions that help us improving and evolving 6conecta.

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